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Swap trailers

Easy and fast exchange of cargo, whether in combined road-rail traffic, shuttle or intercourse traffic. Interchangeable systems bring advantages everywhere, where there is a smooth exchange of the charge carriers.

Thus, the load can already be preloaded or unloaded at a later time, while the truck can do other work or drive more tours. The loading and unloading times are shortened considerably.

In addition, the swap body can be quickly replaced everywhere without special aids. Another advantage is the trouble-free parking of the bridge for the loading - at a later date, the bridge can then be easily removed if necessary.

Our fleet:

15 Swap trailers

Height from the ground: from 1000 to 1320 millimeters

Configurations for our 7,45m-Swap-Trailer with 36 pallet spaces:

  • Steel body
  • Plywood body
  • Refrigerated body
  • Curtainsider
  • Edscha top

Lengths: 7,15 / 7,45 / 7,62 / 7,82 meters

Configurations for our 7,82-Meter-Jumbo-Swap-Trailer with 38 pallet spaces:

  • Inner height of 3 meters
  • Curtainsider
  • Height-adjustable body
  • Edscha top
  • Double decker